“The deadly consequences of Covid-19 policy makers’ and medical authorities’ unprecedented behavior”

More than 10,000 Physicians and Medical Scientists Sign “Rome Declaration” in Protest, Launch New Information Platform

Over 10,000 physicians and medical scientists worldwide have signed the “Rome Declaration” to alert citizens about the deadly consequences of Covid-19 policy makers’ and medical authorities’ unprecedented behavior; behavior such as denying patient access to lifesaving early treatments, disrupting the sacred, physician-patient relationship and suppressing open scientific discussion for profits and power.

The Declaration was created by physicians and scientists during the Rome Covid Summit, and immediately catalyzed support from doctors around the world. These professionals, many of whom are on the front lines of pandemic treatment, have experienced career threats, character assassination, censorship of scientific papers and research, social media accounts blocked, online search results manipulated, clinical trials and patient observations banned, and their professional history and accomplishments minimized in both academic and mainstream media.

Though the declaration’s signatories are diverse in their specialties, treatment philosophies and medical opinions, they have risen up to take a collective stand against authoritarian measures by corporations, medical associations, and governments and their respective agencies. The objective of the declaration is to reclaim their leadership role in conquering this pandemic.

In concert with the declaration, the signatories have created a “Doctors – and Scientists-only” COVID information platform so that citizens can make informed decisions for their families without interruption, manipulation, politicization, or profiteering from external forces outside of the doctor-patient relationship.

Go to the link to read the declaration.


This was one of the comments on the video of particular relevance to Australia:

Thank you for standing up for your citizens. Please do not let it go any further, like it has here in Melbourne where our so called premier skewed the Melbourne parliament to suit his agenda, which is basically to ride rough shod over all the people of Victoria/Melbourne. It is appalling. As a consequence so many people have got the jab so they could continue to work, to provide for their family. Andrews mandated it. Scomo basically rubber stamped it by his silence. Mainstream media continues to lie to the public. Andrews along with the p.m. Scott Morrison are minions for the global . elite, to make sure that the new world order is in place. I cry for my country. However we have so many good freedom fighters in the political arena and I pray the two party system, which has been ruling for too long, this will be their demise. I PRAY!!! However in the meantime their agenda, the nwo, is full steam ahead. Good luck to you all, in Europe and world wide. This is a war. Good will triumph over evil. However buckle up, more pain to come, here at least!!

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