Protocol to get someone out of an ICU Covid death sentence

This is from someone else but there is no link I can provide. If this is anything like what really happens, “pressing criminal charges” may be the least of it.

Folks, I’ve been running into this in the States and have developed a protocol to get people out of ICU Jail

The Modus Operandi is always the same, so be on guard for it because it is Fauci designed and therefore designed to kill.

1)      Person goes to hospital for broken arm (example);

2)      The hospital immediately does a covid test, which comes back positive;

3)      The hospital then immediately puts the person on an IV drip with midazolam (lethal injection drug) which tranquilizes the lung and reduces 02 absorption;

4)      Patient is moved into ICU where all communication is cut-off from family and outside doctors;

5)      Remdesiivir is then added to the IV, which destroys the patient’s kidneys and causes water retention;

6)      All nourishment is cut-off and they are put on a ventilator;

7)      The patient drowns in their own fluids.

The way to break them out is as follows:

1)      Arrange an outside doctor or hospice for home care;

2)      Arrange an ALS ambulance;

3)      Call the hospital administrator and tell them that you have everything arranged for the patient to come home to die (don’t tell them you plan on saving the patient);

4)      If the hospital refuses, call the police and file a criminal complaint for: medical battery (assault under your law), medical kidnapping and false imprisonment;

5)      Tell the cops you want a health, safety and welfare check on the patient;

6)      Get your patient/family/friend home via the ALS ambulance and immediately give them the Math+ (Dr Peter McCullough protocol), get them a catheter or other way of draining fluids and feed them;

7)      Press criminal charges against the hospital and the doctors who did this.

And if you would like to see the kinds of danger we are in, read this: Antibody levels decrease after two doses of Pfizer vaccine – study

Antibody levels decrease rapidly after two doses of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine, a study by researchers at the Sheba Medical Center published Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine showed.
The research also showed the probability that different groups of individuals – based on age and general health status – will find themselves below a certain antibody threshold after a period of six months.
And here are the data that come with the study.
According to the study, after six months, a healthy woman between the ages of 18 and 45 has a 2.5% probability of having an antibody level below 16 – where antibodies are generally considered absent – and 68% to have one below 256.
The starting point is on average several hundred.
The percentages of the probability of having an antibody level under 16 and under 256 become 5% and 79%, respectively, for women ages 45-65, and 6% and 81% for a woman older than 65.
For healthy men, the numbers are moderately higher in the first age group (respectively 4% and 75%) and the gap with women widens as they are older: A healthy man between 45 and 65 has an 11% probability of having an antibody level below 16, and 89% probability of having one below 256. For men over 65, the percentages are 15% and 92%.
When it comes to immunocompromised people, all age groups, men and women, have between 93% and 99% probability of having an antibody level under 256 after six months, and one in two men over 65 has an antibody level below 16.
It’s all just the facts, but if I read this right, the facts are terrifying.

3 thoughts on “Protocol to get someone out of an ICU Covid death sentence

  1. You read it right. All these studies are just doing catch up. Be nice to the vaxxed and make sure you’re in their will. (This is an economics blog, right?)

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