There are reasons governments are no longer trusted

The first of the comments on this post: Fully Vaccinated Are COVID ‘Super-Spreaders,’ Says Inventor of mRNA Technology.

1. Calling it a vax is a lie.
2. Calling it a pandemic is a lie.
3. Calling it a protection is a lie (the vax).
4. Saying the vaccinated are protected is a lie.
5. Saying the unvaccinated are unprotected is a lie.
6. Portraying “free-choice on medicine” – as “antivax” is a lie.

1. Demanding injections of synthetic mRNA is Domestic Terrorism.
2. Using threats of harm – on those who do-not obey is Domestic Terrorism.
3. Injections of synthetic mRNA harms ones natural Immunity System.
4. The harm being caused by the injections is being suppressed (fraud).
5. Government officials can lie to the people while legally shielded from personal liability.
6. The manufacturers of mRNA have been shielded from liability from the great harm it causes.
7. Government is running a “protection racket”. [a legally recognized crime]
8. Government officials are harming the people under the guises of “protecting them”.
9. A harmful gene therapy (synthetic mRNA) has been fraudulently re-named a “vaccine” to shield Big Pharma of any liability from the harm it causes. This is a crime.
10. The failure of the legal system (its prosecutors) to charge these officials with Fraud and Domestic Terrorism reveals that the prosecutors are complicit in executing these crimes.

There is also this comment which goes way over the top but the way our political leaders are behaving, you can see why these sorts of thoughts become anchored.

I think the whole “virus pandemic” is fake. In 2020, it seems most (if not all) of the “COVID” deaths were really due to “treatment” (sedatives, ventillators and Remdesivir). The rest of the deaths were just regular illness/deaths that were falsely relabelled as “COVID-19” due to the invalid PCR test, which is incapable of diagnosing a viral infection. In 2021, it seems the “COVID” deaths are really due to “treatment” and adverse effects from the “vaccines”, not a virus. This viral video of a British funeral director supports this narrative.


As for what is making people sick in the first place? I don’t know why the Graphene Oxide (GO)/5G theory isn’t being taken seriously. It’s widely reported now in the alternative media that all of the shots have GO. But La Quinta Columna (Spanish research group) also believes GO causes COVID-19 in the first place. They say it’s now a common toxin in the environment (even in the blue medical masks!) and has been in the flu shot since at least 2019. If COVID-19 IS GO poisoning, then of course, gettting vaccinated (with GO) will cause “breakthrough” COVID-19!

I personally have gone full-blown consipracy theorist now. This is all part of the Great Reset and the vaccines are a major attempt at depopulation and possibly even mind-control?! Why else is there so much nano-tech in these shots (as well as GO)?…

One comforting thing is that I’ve now seen several reports that say some of the shots are placebos. This link says a Polish scientist examined 5 Pfizer vials and 2 of them were placebos.


As for the Wuhan lab leak theory, Reiner Fuellmich believes it’s propaganda, which is meant to increase fear of the so-called virus. Dr. David Martin says the SARS-COV-2 virus has a 20 year patent trail, but remember- that’s of a computer-generated model. No one has actually proven the virus (or any virus for that matter) truly exists in the real world.…

Something is on the prowl but what it is and where we are being herded towards no one can tell even though there is lots of speculation.

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