If you’re so rich why ain’t you smart?

The problem is that he is so rich, no one is willing to tell him he’s a complete cypher in discussing climate change: Mining magnate Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest ridicules climate deniers.

Mining magnate Andrew Forrest has ridiculed politicians who refuse to adopt renewable energy policies as he urged Scott Morrison to attend the Glasgow Climate Council.

The Fortescue Metals chief executive, who accumulated billions of dollars as an iron ore miner, said the evidence of climate change was undeniable.

He said Australia urgently needed to move away from its reliance on fossil fuels and rubbished claims from figures such as Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce and Senator Matt Canavan who routinely declare a transformation to clean energy would crumble the workforce.

“It’s a very clear message to everyone — you don’t have to choose between fossil fuel, which is a declining industry in anyone’s terms, or the green energy, green hydrogen, green ammonia sector,” Mr Forrest said on Monday morning.

He ought to be embarrassed to be so ignorant, but he’s in good company. There are others just like that, many others.

He should try to have a go against someone like Ian Plimer or Alan Moran if he is so sure he’s right. Everyone else he deals with would be well into, “Right you are, Mr Forrest”, and “No argument from me, AF”. It is with certainty he would be unable to state the contra case, which is obviously right since “the climate”, if it is changing at all, is getting cooler.

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