Punting on fourth down Aussie Rules style

More detail here: ‘Greatest punt ever’: America wowed by Aussie NFL star Michael Dickson’s rare play. The most routine play in North American football, punting the ball away from deep in one’s own end of the field. Not all that rare is a blocked punt. But this one was the first ever. The kicker, who is a refugee from Aussie Rules, picked up the spinning ball at full speed and had the presence of mind not to cross the line of scrimmage before kicking the ball 68 yards while on the run which is around 20 yards down the field more than usual. 

I love both games, but American football is more strategic which is why there is a huddle before each play. Aussie Rules is more spontaneous as the situation evolves second by second. But this was where both worlds collided and it absolutely required an Australian Rules football player to make the play and carry it off.

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