Media dishonesty and the protest at The Shrine in Melbourne

This is the protest at the Shrine of Remembrance on September 22, 2021. If there was any violence, it came entirely from the police. Without the police presence, no violence of any kind would have occurred. This is from The Real Rushkan, amateur journalist though he may be. His videos tell the story.

The shrine is, of course, the memorial to Australians who have died to defend our freedoms, which includes the right to protest. And we are now perfectly certain that the protest was not a “superspreading” covid event.

There are then the “professional journalists” who are about as reliable as Izvestia and Pravda should you be looking for anything other than the political narrative of the left. This is from our ABC.

Other than to declare the protestors members of the right – infinitely better than being on the left but what would any of these people know? Stalinists at heart.

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