It’s what the people want

So that’s what they get. From here.

Aside from the Internet spying, the militarized riot police, and the detention camps, everything is fine Down Under…

PART TWO: Where were we?

Oh yes, 70 percent of Australians were agreeing “sometimes people’s freedoms need to be restricted to keep Australia safe.” Land of the unbrave, home of the unfree.

Someone asked me after the first Australia post what I meant by a democratic police state. Pretty much this. If Neil and Karen are not just not standing up for their rights but begging for kneepads, their leaders are almost duty-bound to provide them. Give the people what they want, especially when what they want is more power for me!

Welcome to the Pandemia in its purest form, no pandemic required.

Scholars have noted that anti-Semitism runs hottest in Arab countries where Jews for all intents and purposes don’t exist. Similarly, the fear of Sars-Cov-2 appears strongest in places that haven’t seen it. (The same trend is clear in the United States, by the way. The nursing home workers who have seen Covid’s real impact more closely than anyone else are the least afraid of it, at least based on their unwillingness to submit to vaccinations.)

In any case, Australia has been happy to be a modern-day hermit kingdom, with its states competing to impose the strictest Covid rules.

Want proof? Here’s proof.

And they keep making fun of us in America. At least I think it’s supposed to be satire.


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