How not to convince people who worry about these experimental vaxxines


Aside from all of the normal reasons not to get the vax is that your life remains exactly the same either way. That will undoubtedly change if the likes of authoritarian fools like Dan Andrews have their way, but so far, not much matters since no one can go interstate, or overseas or even into a cafe. But in the midst of all this I received this letter:

Trust you guys are well. Here is an article you may want to discuss on your blog .

I keep thinking how frustrating and exhausting it must be for you .

And this was the article he sent: Early detection, treatment behind lower rate of mortality from rare AstraZeneca-related clots which is from our ABC. And let me tell you, having come from The ABC its credibility could not be lower. Can someone who thinks they know me really not see that anything from The ABC (or The Age, or even The Australian) will never shift my opinion on anything I care about by even a micro-inch?

And since no one is dying FROM Covid with or without the vax – although there are some undoubtedly dying WITH Covid – there seems little reason to take on the additional risks being vaxxed would bring. Why I should be any more exhausted or frustrated than anyone else, I also cannot fathom.

However, there is this that has popped up this morning in one of the all-in-for-the-vax media companies, this time The Herald Sun in Melbourne: Covid vaccine: How to respond to family members and friends who are anti-vaxxers. My first choice would be a polite form of GFYS, but no one ever raises it with me personally since I tend to follow this issue as closely as anyone, and receive a mass of material every day from people who are similarly concerned about both freedom and the health consequences of taking the vax. But if you would like to see the depths to which these people go, this is from the article. This is how one might respond to someone who says: “It’s been rushed through, it’s not safe”. I take it she means all of the vaxxines when she writes “it”. Her answer:

This is a clear piece of misinformation. Nothing about the vaccine compliance has been rushed.

Ms Hooker explains: “All that has been changed and sped up is red tape and bureaucratic processes. Normally it would take months and months to get human research ethics approvals just because committees don’t meet that often. In this case the committees would meet the next day.

It’s also because of open sharing of information globally because everyone is working towards the same goal. Scientists don’t need to keep their results to themselves to publish under their own name.”

And this is from “a medical ethics expert”. The reality is that these were of course rushed, at Warp speed as was said. And this has nothing to do with paperwork, but checking on their safety through clinical trials. Beyond that, no one, but no one has any idea of the effects of any of the vaxxes two-three-five years from now. What is known is that each of the vaxxes has been trialled in the past with very negative results. 

Might also send you over to Small Dead Animals where they have some quite compelling videos of Australian protests which unfortunately I cannot work out how to put up front. But go to the link: You Can Feel Australia Getting Healthier. Australia really does seem to have a particularly stupid set of leaders at the moment. 

Virtually everyone at these protests has been vaccinated in the past. But this time, there is so obvious a liars’ agenda in play that if you are not hesitant it may be you who are the idiot.



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