“We are living in a blizzard of lies”

There are few with Mark Steyn’s unique ability to make the incomprehensible clear: A Hinge Moment of History. You need to read it all, but here are a few bits to start you off.

  • [W]e are more dependent on a handful of woke billionaires to tell us what reality is. They are far more open than ever that they get to determine what are the agreed facts. Google made an explicit announcement about this recently. They said that sometimes they would put warnings on things that are factually accurate because, even though they are true, they do not think it is in society’s interest for people to be seeing it.

  • [N]ow you will be banned or deleted or blocked or silenced simply for disagreeing with the official version of events. For example, the Great Barrington declaration, which was written by three of the most prominent epidemiologists in the world from Harvard, Oxford, and I think it was Stanford. That was basically deleted from YouTube, banned from Facebook, simply because it contradicted the WHO, CDC official version of events.

  • It is just groupthink enforced by a cabal of woke billionaires, who have more power than anyone else on the planet.

They wouldn’t have the power they do if they did not conform to the views of the major political leaders of the moment. As you read this, bear in mind that Joe Biden and his son have been made wealthy by the Chinese.

  • Right now, we are witnessing a non‑stop continuous transfer of power to a country that is serious about using that power. This is China’s moment. Take it as someone who grew up, in large part, in a great power in decline. There’s no real explicit handover day. People, in hindsight, expect to pinpoint the day that the baton was passed…. My great worry is that actually, the transfer to China has already happened. The baton has already been passed. We just haven’t formally acknowledged that yet.

Plus much else. 

1 thought on ““We are living in a blizzard of lies”

  1. Not really. There are only a handful of lies repeated ad infinitum. We’re living in a blizzard of ignorance. And there’s a cold front coming. Time to live every day like it’s your last. When you go hungry so will those f wits on TV.

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