They don’t make Disney films like they used to

Just spent an evening seeing what I could see of Frozen on Youtube, and every one of the cuts I watched made me laugh. So I went to look at what I could find of my own first movie, which was also Walt Disney, and it was Fantasia.

Say I’m around five years old, and it’s in a cinema. And I remember my mother saying to me years later that when we got towards the end, I wanted to go home. So I have just played the final section, and having watched it, I am less surprised that I wanted to leave than that I ever went back. This is not light and amusing. It is fearsome and frightening. Comes in two parts so it lasts around nine minutes. And do I remember this? Do I ever! The aim, I suppose, was to introduce us little children to classical music, but perhaps other things as well.

Would you show your children any of this? What I have always remembered about the movie and loved the memory of was the part with the dinosaurs.

Would you show your children this one either? I’m not even sure I should show this to them even now and they have children of their own, who I would also never want them to see these as well.

Better to watch Frozen for all its political correctness, as I discussed in the previous post.

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