Sounds bad. Why does no one else mention it?

From British researchers find a potential mechanism for Covid vaccine-caused heart injury

The preprint runs 26 pages and includes 56 footnotes. I am no expert on the structure and function of heart cells, but as far as I can tell it appears meticulously documented. And it paints a troubling picture: specialized blood vessel cells called pericytes have receptors called CD147s. The novel coronavirus itself (Sars-Cov-2) cannot attack these CD147s and damage the pericyte cells, potentially leading to clotting and heart attacks.

But free-floating spike protein – like the spike protein the vaccines make our bodies produce – can.

With this the conclusion.

“Importantly, we show that the recombinant S protein alone elicits cellular signalling through the CD147 receptor in cardiac [cells], thereby inducing cell dysfunction and microvascular disruption in vitro.”

Hmmm: “inducing cell dysfunction and microvascular disruption”. Sounds bad. Why does no one else mention it?

To which may be added this: The Powerful Case Against COVID mRNA ‘Vaccines’. Think about this.

There are two reasons for Covid infections.  One is the mRNA vaccine which spreads Covid. The other is the refusal of the Western medical establishment to prevent and treat Covid with HCQ or Ivermectin….

But the failure of the mRNA vaccine is far more serious than the failure to protect. The vaccine itself (1) causes illnesses and deaths identical to Covid illnesses and deaths as the massive number of deaths and health injuries in the adverse vaccine reaction databases indicate,  (2) the “vaccine” creates variants capable of escaping immune response, and (3) the vaccinated are contagious and dangerous to the unvaccinated.

In other words, the so-called breakthrough cases that are now overwhelming the most vaccinated countries are caused by vaccination.  To continue jabbing people risks such death and injury and counterproductive totalitarian policies as to lead to societal collapse.

Is this really true? From everything we have seen up till now, it is certainly possible. No actual facts we know of contradict this view of what is going on. Anyway, go to the link and read it all. Since there is nothing any of us can do, what difference will it make if we know what’s going on even while it is going on? As he asks:

Doctors and scientists  have reported the effectiveness of HCQ and Ivermectin, which have such safe records of use over decades that in countries not controlled by pharmaceutical companies they are available for over-the-counter purchase just like aspirin.  Yet the corrupt American medical establishment declares the proven preventatives and cures to be “unsafe,” and the mRNA vaccine that is spreading Covid is declared to be the answer.

What is the agenda?

And as he writes towards the end.

Healthy people face a minuscule  threat of death or serious injury from Covid.  Vulnerable people with co-morbidities can be safely and securely put on preventative doses of Ivermectin or HCQ.  There is no reason, other than pure negligence of the medical profession, for vulnerable people to even catch Covid.  There is certainly no reason for them to die because the medical profession withholds treatment with known cures.

Will the true story ever be told? And if so by whom and who will be the audience?

2 thoughts on “Sounds bad. Why does no one else mention it?

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  2. They say it wasn’t tested on animals. But it was. The research will be released soon enough. That’s why they ran with the mRNA non-vax. The equivalent song is 50 ways to leave your lover.

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