When it comes to vaxxination you pays your money and takes your choice

Here you find a discussion of all of the suppressed data and concerns about vaxxination discussed only occasionally. No one knows what’s true and what isn’t since for most of what we would like to know it is much too early to have found out. But everyone knows what is virtually never discussed within mainstream sources, and there is an awful lot of that. From the link:

We are living under a Covid policy that has no evidence whatsoever in its support. Lacking any evidence for the ruling policy, suppression of the actual facts is the operating principle.

He then continues with this: “Here is the known information that is suppressed”:

The Covid vaccine does not protect against acquiring Covid, nor does it prevent vaccinated people from spreading the virus.

The Covid Vaccine has massive adverse effects and is on course to cause more illnesses and deaths than Covid. Among the adverse effects are infertility and spontaneous abortion.

The vaccine trains the virus to evolve variants that escape the immune response.

The lethality of the Covid virus has been massively overstated.

The number of Covid cases were massively overstated by a defective PCR test.

The outbreak of new cases ascribed to the Delta variant are worst in the countries with the most heavily vaccinated populations.

Known cures such as HCQ and Ivermectin are intentionally blocked from use by official protocol.

Large numbers of top level scientists and doctors are calling for a halt to Covid vaccination. These calls are suppressed by the press and ignored by official authorities.

The final word on covid and especially on these vaxxines has not been written. It is much too early to know. Maybe these people voicing their concerns are all cranks and loonies, but maybe they’re not. Come back in a year, or maybe in two, and we’ll look at how things look then. But until then, when it comes to vaxxination, you pays your money and takes your choice.


2 thoughts on “When it comes to vaxxination you pays your money and takes your choice

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  2. I never thought I would get to the point where I felt so detached from the society and the country that I have loved and been proud to be a part of since arriving in Australia in 1958 aged eight years.

    Looking back, it was the Howard gun laws that first opened my eyes to the lies and misinformation of politicians and media. I have spent years researching and educating myself about firearms and firearms policy, and tried to communicate to politicians and media (via letters to the editor, what a waste of time!), only to be met with a wall of indifference. They weren’t interested in facts.

    Same with ‘climate change’. I thought it was a matter of science and data, testing hypotheses and developing theories (and realistic policies). But the climate scam marches on, probably unstoppably.

    Now it’s covid. Very little of the policy makes sense to anyone with a small degree of medical literacy. It’s hard to reconcile what’s happening with a government devoted to the best interests of the population. Same with the media.

    The Australian rejects my comments that link to or quote an article they published in Sep 2020, where Prof Thomas Borody reports on a triple therapy he has used for elderly covid patients consisting of Ivermectin, zinc and doxycycline.

    Here’s the link

    He says he has had a ‘positive response” from Greg Hunt and Nick Coatsworth, so they can’t deny knowledge when the Nuremberg Trials commence. That’s about my only consolation in this sorry mess.

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