Actually the Daniel Andrews edition


Cannot get either image to show up. The one above should have been an Australian Covid Monopoly board with every square showing Go Directly to Jail.

I liked this one too, but you need to be Canadian which shows two mounties. Reconstructed from memory. The first one digging in the snow pulls out a boot, and say, “This is a boot.” And the other mounty says, “What is this a boot?” It’s kinda funny if you are a Canadian.

And I am sorry the pictures don’t show up since it’s not as funny to have to explain a joke.


I don’t actually believe Canadians talk like that anyway, but there was a chap I once knew who used to ask Canadians to say “out and about and around the house” and he would laugh and tell us we had just said “oot and aboot and aroond the hoos”. Couldn’t hear it myself, but it made him laugh.

Of course, my old test for Americans was to ask them to say “dog” and “log”. If they didn’t rhyme, then they were Americans. Canadians always do.

I also had a girlfriend one time who was English and she said that in England the words “Mary”, “Merry” and “marry” are each pronounced differently but in Canada they are all pronounced the same. Certainly, I always pronounce them the same.

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