Are you more likely to die from the “vaccine” or from Covid?

Before there was a vaccine, the question did not exist. Now that there are “vaccines”, the question has become a genuine one. Our governments and the media are conspiring to get everyone vaccinated but what the hurry is, no one has explained, since it is clear as daylight that even the vaccinated get the Covid in very large numbers. So let us look at this, which is recent: Those dying post-vaccine: Where are the autopsies? The author is executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, AAPS. She writes:

In this age of supposed scientific medicine and a pandemic, we are relying on death certificates for statistics on the cause of death, even though they are known to be extremely unreliable. Thousands of healthy people are dying unexpectedly, but our public health agencies are assuring us that their deaths were not caused by the COVID jab. The toll of post-vaccine deaths has reached nearly 7,000, according to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). It’s the best system we’ve got, even though it misses 90% or more of the actual events. But I have seen a report of just one autopsy. This patient had had one dose of the Pfizer shot and died four weeks later. Although there were no characteristic features of COVID-19, almost all tissues tested positive on PCR for SARS-CoV-2.

This is how her article ends.

If a person dies after a COVID jab, I would like to know whether there are spike proteins in the tissues and blood vessels, and whether there was an immunological reaction that was damaging those tissues. If a mother loses a baby, I would like to see a thorough examination of the placenta. Was the baby’s oxygen and nutrition cut off because of damaged blood vessels? I find it shocking that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Joint Commission that accredits hospitals are not demanding autopsies or testing of vaccine samples. It is not possible to declare a product safe and effective without obtaining direct evidence from potential victims. The manufacturers are protected against product liability, thanks to Congress. But where is the accountability of the government agencies charged with protecting us, or of the private entities coercing employees or students to take an experimental, potentially dangerous, or even lethal product?

Seriously frightening, and she is far from being the only one raises such questions.

And in light of the above, you might also find this of interest. Found at Dr. Fuellmich: There is No Corona Pandemic, It’s a Fraudulent ‘PCR Test Pandemic’. You will have to go to the link to view the interview, but there are many questions he raises that definitely need answers.

So this is where we are. We, firstly, have no means of certifying whether anyone actually has Covid, and then, secondly, we may eventually find that the vaccines we are taking do far more damage than any good they might conceivably have done.

DETAIL ON VACCINATIONS AND COVID SUSCEPTIBILITY: ‘Zero Covid’ Catastrophe: Participating Nations See New Records Across the Board.

Zero Covid, the idea that heavy-handed government edicts and population controls can permanently eliminate a coronavirus from a country, is now failing spectacularly everywhere it is being tried. You might not read about it in western corporate press agencies, but Zero Covid nations are seeing explosions in Covid-19 cases across the board. The widely praised “success story” countries that followed the radical ideology that is Zero Covid have not only failed to contain a virus, but are now witnessing the uncontrolled spread of that virus in their population centers. The governments committed to this pseudoscientific, totalitarian adventure are scrambling for options, and responding by locking down their nations and further violating the rights of their citizens. The lid has flown off the Zero Covid pressure cooker, revealing the shortcomings of such a reckless ideological endeavor.

If you go to the link up first is Australia, although that might just be alphabetical. There are also these data, which have been sent to me, from Israel.

Taken from here which finishes with this:

The solution is the same as that found for HIV — a cocktail of antivirals, each contributing its own mode of action, possibly supported by vaccination. It will be like serving in the tropics and taking your antimalarial with you. The antivirals like ivermectin don’t need to recognize anything on the virus to work, as vaccines do. So the virus can’t mutate around them easily, especially when they are used in combination.

Why don’t out Chief Medical Officers know this?

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