“Ambitious” is apparently the new synonym for insane

I read the words, and then read them again, and so I will share but it is still hard to fathom. I am obviously missing something since our senior politicians cannot be this out of it. As you read the following, bear in mind that the word “ambitious” is apparently the new synonym for insane.

Australia will target running the electricity grid entirely from solar and wind generation by 2025 under a 100 per cent renewable target laid out by the power system operator….

The ambitious goal – putting the nation on track to lead the world transitioning to clean energy – has been set by the new boss of the Australian Energy Market Operator, who said it would mark “uncharted territory” for the country as it works out how to integrate more renewables into the power system as old coal plants face retirement.

The article in full may be found here: AEMO chief Daniel Westerman targets 100 per cent renewables in world first.

But the article does finish with this:

Still, integrating massive amounts of renewables faces several hurdles. An ­Energy Security Board report said a failure to deal with the entry of intermittent supply could cost the nation in the long term, with the market operator forced to intervene at record rates so far this year. “With our existing tool kit, it’s getting harder for us to manage the stability of the power system as the penetration of solar and wind, even at today’s levels, pushes the system to its limits,” Mr Westerman will say.

Hurdles, are there? But look, they have a whole four years to work things out so why worry?

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