My review of Jordan Peterson’s latest book

I have written a review of Jordan Peterson’s latest book, Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life which you can now read at Quadrant Online under the title that represents my take on what he wrote: Abandon Ideology. I will give you two passages from the review. You can read the rest at the link. This is the opening para.

Jordan Peterson is not everyone’s cup of tea, but he is my cup of tea. His writings are an oasis in the midst of the intellectual desert of our time. He says many of the thoughts that need to be said out in the open and in full, in ways that can be accessed and understood, which bypass the cancel culture of the Left that surrounds them. This is a book you should read, partly because of its message, partly just because of how well done it is.

And then there is this as well:

We must also confront the North American conservative/liberal distinction Peterson embeds. This is from Rule I:

“Some people are temperamentally predisposed to conservatism, and others to a more liberal creative perception and action … Those who tend toward the right, politically, are staunch defenders of all that has worked in the past … Those who rise to the top can do so through manipulation and the exercise of unjust power … It is this corruption of power that is strongly objected to by those on the liberal/left side of the political spectrum, and rightly so.” [emphases added]

This is straight-out wrong, politically ignorant and offensive. This may be the kind of statements required to get such a book published during the times in which we live. But whatever the reason, you would hope Peterson might have noticed the kinds of people who had embraced his previous writings. These are sentiments that will put off all kinds of people who might otherwise be sympathetic to what he writes.

That said, it is a wonderful book and deeply conservative, in spite of what Peterson himself might say. And who knows what he actually thinks since there must be some compromises in getting such a book published in the midst of the cancel culture in which we live.

2 thoughts on “My review of Jordan Peterson’s latest book

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  2. How can he write some North Americans are ‘liberal creative’? That is an oxymoron. American liberals are regressive when they supposedly ‘create’. They push us backward!

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