Brittany Higgins demands sweeping changes

I have to say that this really is a surprise. From Former staffer Brittany Higgins demands sweeping changes from Scott Morrison, and the surprise is found in what it turns out Brittany wants:

On Friday she met Mr Morrison to outline changes she wants to the employment law covering staffers, known as the MoP(S) Act, and to advocate for an independent body to handle complaints relating to political workplaces and act as a “one-stop-shop” for human resources information.

Specifically, she wants the power removed for politicians to sack staffers on the spot or on the basis the MP or senator has lost trust or confidence in them – a clause she says is far too vague.

Must say, this is not how I thought the story would unfold. This is from, in the words of Bettina Arndt, “the woman who alleged she’d been raped in a Minister’s office in Parliament House, after being found by security guards drunk and naked on the office couch.” Turns out the core issue was job security.

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