25 most dangerous jobs in the United States

1. Logging workers

2. Aircraft pilots and flight engineers

3. Derrick operators in oil, gas, and mining

4. Roofers

5. Garbage collectors

6. Ironworkers

7. Delivery drivers

8. Farmers

9. Firefighting supervisors

10. Power linemen

11. Agricultural workers

12. Crossing guards

13. Crane operators

14. Construction helpers

15. Landscaping supervisors

16. Highway maintenance workers

17. Cement masons

18. Small engine mechanics

19. Supervisors of mechanics

20. Heavy vehicle mechanics

21. Grounds maintenance workers

22. Police officers

23. Maintenance workers

24. Construction workers

25. Mining machine operators

From Top 25 most dangerous jobs in the United States. Not office workers, administrative assistants, psychologists, teachers, shop assistants, waitresses, lecturers, airline stewardesses, etc. I suspect the list would be similar in most places.

2 thoughts on “25 most dangerous jobs in the United States

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  2. I spent 15 years in construction: Nearly had my leg ripped off by forklift, i tore an achillies, fell off 2 pallot high stack off back of truck, had two large stones nearly fall on me, been hit in shoulder by a slewing excavator… Then i had a job in office n heard complaints about how hard their job was when i thought i was on holidays

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