Worst insurrection ever

After DC Stonewalls For Months, Ashli Babbit’s Jan. 6 Death Ruled A Homicide by DC Medical Examiner. And they even know who did it, but won’t tell anyone. 

The only actual homicide on January 6th with any real evidence was the execution of Trump supporter, Ashli Babbit by what appear to be DC police.  That would mean the officer was acting under the behest of people like Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, or Mayor Muriel Bowser of DC.  Unlike the George Floyd case–or many of the other similar high-profile cases in the past year–the name of the officer who summarily executed Babbit is being withheld as the government in DC stonewalls the investigation.  Is it because she was a Trump supporter?

In fact, not a single person entering into the Capitol even had a weapon on them at the time. Worst insurrection ever.

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