Generation I for ignorance and narcissism

From Don’t look now but we’re raising an entire generation of Harry and Meghans. Where you also find this:

The only thing that rivals the contempt young Americans [and Australians] have, generically speaking, for their foundations and heritage is their ignorance of it.

On the one hand, biblical illiteracy is staggeringly high among young people.

The text that shaped the whole of Western Civilization is known to a rapidly declining portion of those who are now commandeering the reins of societal power. Ask them what they know of this book that anchored Sir William Blackstone’s “Commentaries on the Law,” that Shakespeare alone referenced 1,200 times in his plays, that provided the pretext for Dr. King’s seminal “Letter from a Birmingham Jail,” and you’ll likely get some claptrap about it providing the basis for a “misogynistic, patriarchal system of perpetual abuse.”

The magnificent contributions of Western Civilization are equally criminal these days, all assumed to be the ill-gotten gain of white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant men exploiting others while taking the lion-share of undeserved accolades.

Newtonian physics are renamed so as to “decenter whiteness,” and that’s just the beginning.

This mindset disregards truth as subjective but mandates “latinx” and “womxn” as actual things. It pretends to be “speaking truth to power,” when it is itself the power, forbidding anyone to speak against it.

We are no longer dealing with an ethos of fairness and generosity. We are dealing with a generation of people who know absolutely nothing about how the world they live in works and what will happen to them if it all goes away.

2 thoughts on “Generation I for ignorance and narcissism

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  2. I spent the first 27 years of my life as an staunch Athiest: Grew up in a Senior Athiest’s household; thought Christians were lunatics and the Bible full of crap. Then on 1/6/2000 at about 8:15pm, I had ‘an experience’. I HAVE LIVED IN BOTH REALMS. After 21 years as a born-again Christian, and 3 and a half years in bible college, I can confidently say the Bible has much more wisdom already than the entire world could ever consolidate.

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