Unless you know their agenda you cannot work out what they’re doing

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And these are the paras I find of interest.

For those of you living overseas, or under a rock, Brittany Higgins is a young woman who last week announced, through the media, that she was raped two years ago, when working as an adviser for the Defence Minister, Linda Reynolds.

As the story unfolded, it was used to mount a ferocious attack on the government. Note the timing – coinciding with the arrival of the Covid vaccine, which should have been a high point for the Coalition which is decimating the Opposition in the polls. It is also hardly a coincidence that Higgin’s current partner, David Sharaz, is a former press gallery journalist, now working for SBS and known to be a fierce critic of the government.

Everyone has an agenda. Such as: Submarine blunder: time to cut our losses from Robert Gottliebsen where we read:

But first, a word about Defence Minister Linda Reynolds. Countless past defence ministers have simply adopted the recommendations of defence personnel and then covered up their mistakes. It was like a game of musical chairs which eventually would end. Sadly for Linda Reynolds it ended on her watch.

I am glad Scott Morrison stood behind her over the rape saga but as the last of the “cover up mistakes” defence ministers she is the wrong person to take on the French and end the contract.

Perhaps that’s why Reynolds was admitted to hospital yesterday.

Perhaps that’s why Reynolds was admitted to hospital yesterday. Might also mention this: Peter Dutton defends handling of information around Brittany Higgins rape allegation. Dutton is also mentioned by Gottliebsen in his article about submarines:

From my observation the two toughest ministers in the cabinet are Josh Frydenberg (ask Google and Facebook) and Peter Dutton.

Moving Frydenberg from Treasury is not an option and Peter Dutton’s Home Affairs portfolio is a huge job but there is no more important ministry in the next year than defence.

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