The official lie beats the truth every time

And this article comes with more or less the same title: Exposed: The Media Has Been Lying About The Capitol Protests.

What is common about all of these media-fed narratives?

Not one of them is true. Not. One.

Let’s take each claim in turn.

The “fact” that five people were killed is false. Only one person is known to have been killed inside the building. She was a protester who was shot at close range by a police officer. (Had she been a minority, there would have been riots in the streets over police brutality.)

Two others died of “medical emergencies” while they happened to be on the Capitol grounds – which is not uncommon in mass gatherings. Another was apparently trampled by protestors climbing the Capitol steps – which is indeed a tragedy.

But you know what? Nobody cares. The people who matter least to our political leaders are the ones whose votes they seek. See, for example, this by Karl Rove: Donald Trump smears don’t diminish Mitch McConnel. Actual outcomes in the real world count for nothing. This is what matters, as factually untrue as this most certainly is:

Trump may not be fully aware of shifting currents among congressional Republicans. More members now admit privately that Trump had no coat-tails in the November election. Especially in the suburbs, some Republicans and many GOP-leaning independents refused to take his lawn signs or support him. That’s why so many Republican congressional candidates ran ahead of the former president.

That’s what matters, will someone get funding and support from the party itself?

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