Absurd forecasts remain a thing of the present

From the indispensable Donna Laframboise: That Laughably Wrong Climate Prediction is Now 21 Years Old. That should be enough in itself to discredit the entire business, but it’s not. So let me quote from her text:

The entire climate crusade rests on predictions such as these. It is because politicians believe scientists such as Viner that they’re determined to impose a low-emissions regime on the global economy.

That really ought to be the end of it but alas, as we know, none of the morons who continue to fret over global warming can be shamed out of their absolutely insupportable beliefs. They are determined to believe it to the end, partly because without it they would have nothing to believe of substance at all, and partly because it would be too embarrassing to admit how wrong they were. What to do remains a problem without a solution other than to keep making fun of such people as they cause their own cost of living to rise along with the rest of us. Yet I fear the obstinacy will continue until who knows when?

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