The average American π-Q is pretty dismal

I’m designing a test to measure someone’s πQ, their Political Quotient. So far as I can see, near on half the American population is at the sub-normal level.  If there is not by now major levels of buyer remorse following the “election” of Joe Biden, there may be little help for many of them. Quite a shame, however, for those who must share the same political space, and who knows how all of this will affect the rest of us in the rest of the world. The following posts have all just been taken from


Biden’s Worst Executive Order Went Almost Entirely Unnoticed Issues & Insights, by The Editorial Board Original Article In the flurry of President Joe Biden’s executive orders was one that was almost entirely overlooked but could easily end up having the biggest impact. The order also seems harmless enough, going by the seemingly innocent title “Modernizing Regulatory Review.” Except this order isn’t about modernizing regulations. It’s about unleashing the regulatory state with a ferocity never before seen in this country. Biden’s order – which didn’t get released to the press until late in the evening of his first day – aims to effectively toss the cost-benefit analysis that for many decades has served as at least a modest brake on

DC Officials Announce Plans to Erect Permanent Security Fence Around US Capitol – In Same Week Democrats Ended Construction of Border Security Fence Gateway Pundit, by Jim Hoft Original Article Joe Biden signed an executive order to stop the building of the border wall immediately after his virtual unattended inauguration.Walls don’t work. They’re immoral. And racist. But Washington DC officials announced this week they will erect a permanent security fence around the US Capitol because walls work in DC! This is People’s Pelosi’s House. Where corrupt and tone-deaf lawmakers hide from the people in fear.Unreal. PERMANENT SECURITY FENCING coming to US Capitol. New statement from acting US Capitol Police chief: “Vast improvements to the physical security infrastructure must be made to include permanent fencing”

Off to a Bad START: Putin Schools Biden with One Phone CallAmerican Thinker, by Lynn Corum Original Article According to Russian news service Ria Novosti, on Tuesday, the presidents of the Russian Federation and the United States, Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden, held a telephone conversation. During the conversation, Biden and Putin agreed to a five-year extension of START-3, until 2026, “100% on Russian terms, without additions, in the form in which it was originally signed.” As a result of the call, the authorized Duma committees were ordered to urgently take the necessary steps to extend START-3. On that same day, Putin submitted to the State Duma a bill on the ratification of START-3 through 2026; it immediately passed. Putin’s Deputy Foreign Minister

Democrat Lawmakers Introduce Bill for Nationwide Mail-in Voting: Necessary to ‘Make Real Progress’ Breitbart Politics, by Hannah Bleau Original Article Two Democrat lawmakers introduced a bill on Thursday, dubbed the “Vote at Home Act,” to expand “Oregon-style” mail-in voting nationwide, contending that the move is necessary to “make real progress” in the country.The bill, introduced by Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), is designed to “fight voter suppression” as detailed by Wyden’s press release. The measure would “massively expand vote-at-home ballot access, provide voters with pre-paid ballot envelopes and enact automatic voter registration.”The lawmakers point to the unprecedented number of Americans who voted by mail in the 2020 presidential election — a move Democrats vehemently pushed.

How and Why Joe Biden Opposes Patriotic Education American Thinker, by Eileen F. Toplansky Original Article Of all the executive orders that newly elected Joe Biden swiftly enacted, nothing is more indicative of his anti-American animus and radical left-wing influence than his revoking Trump’s “1776 Commission” to promote “patriotic education.” The 1776 Commission to Create a Patriotic History Curriculum is in direct contrast to the “1619 Project,” which reflects a decidedly anti-American, factually incorrect, and blatantly biased program currently being pushed through the U.S. education system.The mission of the 1776 Commission is “to defend the legacy of America’s founding, the virtue of America’s heroes, and the nobility of the American character.” But the left continues the mendacious onslaught of falsehoods about America.

Biden, Teachers’ Unions, and the $630 Billion Shakedown American Greatness, by Julie Kelly Original Article For all their devastating, long-term side effects, the various failed remedies to COVID-19 have been clarifying. The “expert” class, in case it was still unclear to anyone, is overrun not with critical thinkers devoted to scientific inquiry but hyperpartisan hacks with a hive mind no better than that of a typical seventh-grade cheer squad. The scientific method is dead; in its place is a multitiered campaign to bully, silence, and cancel anyone who dares to challenge their unchallengeable expertise. Political leaders on both sides of the aisle are as clueless as they are callous. Little daylight exists between Democratic Governor

Rand Paul’s Great Speech on the Unconstitutional Impeachment, by Rush Limbaugh Original Article RUSH: Now, folks, Rand Paul has been on fire this week, the senator from Kentucky, and Tuesday in Washington on the Senate floor, he made a really great speech on the unconstitutional sham second impeachment of Donald Trump.(Snip)PAUL: If we are about to try to impeach a president, where is the chief justice? If the accused is no longer president, where is the constitutional power to impeach him? Private citizens don’t get impeached. Impeachment is for removal from office, and the accused here has already left office. Hyperpartisan Democrats are about to drag our great country down into the gutter of rancor and vitriol

Biden administration reestablishes diplomatic ties with Palestinian Authority Post Millenial [Canada], by Noah David Alter Original Article The Biden administration announced on Tuesday that they would be restoring diplomatic relations with the Palestinian Authority, Times of Israel reports. (Snip) the United States will be restoring diplomatic aid to the Palestinian authority, a move which has been heavily criticized by pro-Israel groups. Critics of the decision warn that US diplomatic aid may go towards the Palestinian policy of “pay-for-slay,” whereby the Palestinian Authority pays the families of terrorists who murder Israeli civilians. The Trump administration had previously cut off significant amounts of diplomatic aid to the Palestinian Authority due to this pay-for-slay policy, saying that the aid would be restored when the Palestinians abandon that practice.

Biden Signs Executive Order Allowing the U.S. to Fund Global Abortions National Review, by Alexandra DeSanctis Original Article President Biden signed an executive order Thursday afternoon reversing the Mexico City policy, permitting U.S. aid money once again to fund groups that provide or promote abortion around the globe. The policy was first put in place by President Ronald Reagan in an effort to ensure that taxpayers were not required to indirectly fund abortion procedures performed in other countries. The policy has been undone via executive order by every subsequent Democratic administration and reinstated by each Republican one. The Trump administration expanded the policy to include not only family planning funds distributed by the State Department and the U.S. Agency for International Development but also

Biden’s normal is abnormal, by Don Surber Original Article The media is peddling the narrative that Chairman Xiden is bringing back normalcy. Well, let us see what the media and the rest of the Democrats consider normal. The new normalcy is impeaching a president and trying him after his term ends and he has gone home to Mar-A-Lago. The new normalcy is arresting and prosecuting a man for making memes on Twitter. The new normalcy is 25,000 National Guard troops in Washington on Inauguration Day. The new normalcy is replacing a viewing audience for the occasion with 100,000 American flags. The new normalcy is cries of deprogramming political opponents.

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