Socialists can never be convinced that socialism does not work


Q: Why do people keep defending socialism if it had never worked before? Why do people keep defending socialism?Capitalism keeps harming them again and again if it had never worked before

A: Says who? Our socialist military defeated the fascists in WWII, in association with the Socialist Soviets. We built public schools, roads, utility grids, public water supplies, drug testing, food quality testing and many other things. They work pretty well. I was also reminded that the Inca and early Christian’s were socialists in practice, though the term was not yet in use.


Socialists are a pretty stupid lot. The above is from Quora where you do find quite a lot of ignorant fools defending socialism as above. Does he really think the Incas were socialists? Were all of those Victorians who built public schools and roads etc socialists?

Here’s how you tell a socialist from a non-socialist in one easy lesson. A socialist believes an economy can be run like a single business, with all of the decisions made by head office, usually located in the capital city. Public works and public schools are not evidence of socialism. Central planning and the replacement of private firms by the public sector is. And most important of all, in a market economy there needs to be a price mechanism to allocate the resource base between different uses whereas among socialists they just spend the money on their favourite projects.

For a bit more on this, you might have a look at my I, Mechanical Pencil in which I explain in more detail the role of the price mechanism which can never be explained sufficiently well for those who are determined to introduce a socialist economy guaranteed to impoverish just about everyone.

2 thoughts on “Socialists can never be convinced that socialism does not work

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  2. Christians are not socialists. Scripture that encourages us to share is 100% voluntary n non coercive and respects private property (ie cant GIVE something to poor if you DONT OWN anything)

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