It ain’t over ’til it’s over

17 States Join Texas in Supreme Court Lawsuit Against Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania Over Fraudulent Election.

For more detail, A Total Of 18 States Have Joined Texas’ Lawsuit. The conclusion:

I find these arguments compelling. I can’t conceive of any reason for the SCOTUS to refuse to hear the case. Especially when the case is supported by 18 cases, led by Texas.

Plus this: Trump Administration Will Join Texas Lawsuit Against Battleground States.

There is also this today which I found quite interesting.

Of course, the idea that men who identify as more masculine would be more supportive of the president isn’t that much of a shocker considering they have been among his biggest fans from the beginning. According to the AEI survey, that was true this year as well: When broken out by how masculine or feminine they identified themselves, completely masculine men were the only group where the majority (60 percent) said they had voted for Trump.

Apparently, the way this is presented by a typically lefty source, being a masculine male is a bad thing, but I can live with it.

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