The climate change scam

This is how this post begins which is titled, The Climate Scam: What We Are Up Against.

What I call the “climate scam” is the proposition that human use of fossil fuels will shortly bring about a catastrophic increase in atmospheric temperatures, and that this crisis can easily be averted by governments in a few rich countries, with about 10% of the world’s population, imposing crippling coercive restrictions and cost increases on fossil fuel use while also massively subsidizing alternative “renewable” energy sources.

I have long thought that this scam could not go on too much longer. The reasons I have thought that are many, the least important of them being that in the several decades since the warnings of catastrophic warming were first issued, atmospheric temperatures have increased much less than predicted. But here are two other reasons for my view that are more important:

  1. Restrictions on rich-country carbon emission cannot possibly have any meaningful effect on world climate, because rich-country emissions are a minority and a rapidly-shrinking portion of total world emissions, while developing countries, with about 90% of world population, are rapidly increasing their emissions from a low base. The developing countries will never agree to limit their ongoing emissions increases, particularly while many of their people still lack basic access to electricity, automobiles, air conditioning, and so forth; and
  2. In rich countries, ordinary and working-class people will surely put up an insurmountable roadblock to restrictions on fossil fuels as soon as they figure out that many of their jobs are threatened and their costs of electricity and gasoline are planned to increase by factors of 2 or 5 or 10 in the effort to achieve a (theoretical) meaningless reduction of predicted world temperatures of a few tenths of a degree 50 or 100 years from now.

I still believe that eventually this scam will fall apart, and for the reasons given (among other reasons). After all, the information to support my points (1) and (2) is readily available, not only from many posts on this blog, but many other sources as well, official and otherwise. There is a network of climate-skeptic news sources and bloggers, of which I am one, constantly putting this information out for the public to see. All of these sources, as far as I am aware, operate on a shoestring; but they cannot be silenced, and the skeptic community is remarkably robust and resilient. We aren’t going away.

But then, you have to consider what we are up against.

If you want to know what we are up against, you should go to the link, although this brings you close to the answer:


But go to the link anyway even if it might depress you.

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