A six-minute drill on election fraud

From What Fraud? 2+2=4 WATCH: A statistical case against a Biden win in less than 6 minutes. Four elements with this the first:

This is the accompanying tesx, and we even get a mention!

In Part 1, Cortes discusses record turnout in places like Wisconsin, which had 90% voter turnout. Not only was this equivalent to Australia, where voting is mandatory, but such turnout only happened in key areas Biden needed to win to flip states. One example was Milwaukee, which had 84% turnout compared to another Midwestern city like Cleveland (51%), despite similar demographics.

It’s worth going to the link to watch all four. You can supplement that with this, although it’s heavier going: “It Defies Logic”: Scientist Finds Telltale Signs Of Election Fraud After Analyzing Mail-In Ballot Data.

The only question now is whether cheating your way to victory is now The American Way. If so, then plan accordingly.

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