I’m nervous but hopeful

Stark choices before us ends as follows.

Once at the dinner table, my late mother-in-law (OBM), opined that Adlai Stevenson was divorced and, therefore, had not been fit to lead. Her husband (OBM) sharply replied, “Madam, you recently flew to Israel. Did you ascertain whether or not your pilot was divorced?” She got it right away and laughed uproariously at herself. She was a pip.

Donald J. Trump is piloting us out of the Swamp, away from the existential threat of socialism. He will win next Tuesday. Put your champagne on ice. He will win because Americans will see to it. All the celebrities in Hollywood could scarcely populate a small town in Texas. The NBA and NFL, likewise. Americans value liberty; we will see to our own safety.

There are, unfortunately, all kinds of people who prefer safety to freedom. This I well know since my country of origin took them in as “United Empire Loyalists”. I just hope the descendants of those who stayed behind are numerous enough and resolute enough to maintain the freedoms they fought for then and have defended ever since.

I might add that Adlai Stevenson, Democrat though he was, was to the right of Donald Trump as he is today, not that it matters in the least.

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