A reply to Spud

Dear M. Patate

It was not as if  in writing this I had gone through the comments at the Oz, found one I liked, copied it into the post and then closed up shop. I read them all through, many that came after yours, and still only really like the one you wrote. And what I liked and what is missing in so much of the pro-Trump things I read, are policy details. It is what I complain about in the Biden stuff as you know. Why should one vote for Joe? No one else seems to think policy detail matters. Actually everyone does but very few seem to think it’s worth discussing. It’s perfectly clear that the Dems are all in for green new deal; “free” healthcare; unlimited rights to abortion right through to the ninth (tenth) month; open borders; ending of our European cultural and political tradition; the confiscation of guns; and socialism. But other than in narrow and infrequent moments of clarity, none of this is ever said just like that since it kills off votes, since to be for any one or two of these will alert people who are against any of the others. And vice versa from our side.

We are, in contrast, in favour of:

  • a comprehensive public health care system in which costs nevertheless constrain access (as it must always do but which is kept as a secret)
  • legislated rights to abortion with the limitations specified
  • limits to welfare with an emphasis on earning one’s own way in the world
  • climate change scepticism but with full-on over genuine conservation (we are conservatives)
  • border protection
  • Western civic tradition as our guide to political legitimacy;
  • a defence of Israel and Taiwan, plus a few others (which hopefully includes Australia)
  • the second amendment right to bear arms, and
  • capitalism and the free market.

Other than the first two, the ending of the rest must over time put an end to our way of life. But this list, which is shared between us, is many steps too far to many others who might accept some but not all. It’s depressing.

If Hitler hadn’t started the war and if he had merely expelled the Jews, the Nazis would still be there, and an inspiration to many others in the West most of whom now vote for the Dems.

In the middle of this there is an old guy with his head in his hands. That old guy is us.

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