“Covid is God’s gift to the Left”

The heading is from Jane Fonda and she is referring to the Chinese flu.

You could tell just exactly where the moderator in the VPs debate was starting from when she began with the Democrat’s only issue, the China Virus. It then came back again when Kamala Harris focused on the mega-downturn that followed the lockdown that was introduced to deal with the Virus as if that had in any way been a failure of government policy. The virus was not introduced deliberately, but once it arose, it became their opportunity to tear everything down that has been built over the past century and a half.

The Democrats have nothing. The left offer nothing. These are nut-case socialists. There is not a single reason to vote for them since no policy of theirs will improve the life of a single person other than their leaders. Only if people obliterate completely from their minds how well the economy was going prior to the forecasts of potentially millions of deaths that were sprouted everywhere back in March would anyone even contemplate for a moment turning to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as an answer to existing problems.

I know I am not supposed to say it or even think it, but I cannot help believing that the virus was amplified to the fullest extent by the left and the media to provide momentum to an absolutely dead Democrat policy platform in the face of Donald Trump’s extraordinary successes that exist at every turn, both in foreign policy and domestically. 

Fonda gives the game away. Covid plus its economic consequences is all the left has, but if they parley all this into a win next month, it will come with the destruction of the American economy and more widely, even perhaps the destruction of Western civilisation as we know it. The application of the same approach to the Green New Deal based on massive public spending all directed towards massive increases in unproductive forms of investment, will leave America and the West looking like Venezuela today.

It may take upwards of a decade, but if that is the road we travel, the end will be inevitable. This is the only vulnerability the Republicans have, but it may yet be large enough to turn the election in the left’s direction.

It is Jane Fonda’s “gift to the left” and even Kamala was able to make a feature case out of a problem for which the left can provide no new answers at all.

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