Not so reliable

It’s a funny business, but the people who know me best sent this kind of message along, and the stranger part is that I completely agree with them. Both have been sent from my oldest Canadian friends: This is from Roy and Ginette, addressed to Susie:

We are sending you and Steve our congratulations on the occasion of your 40th anniversary.  40 years of wedded bliss is a two way street filled with love and compromises.  Since Roy has known Steven for considerably longer than 40 years he quite sure that you deserve a medal for forgiving and perhaps even embracing Steve’s  many idiosyncrasies, which come as part of a package with his intense intellect and deep loyalty to his friends and family.

With that in mind we are presenting you with an honorary Victoria Cross, Canada’s highest honour. It is given for extraordinary valour and devotion to duty, criteria we are confident that you manifested time and again over the past 40 years.  You can display this VC whenever you think Steve needs to be reminded just how wonderful you are, and have been for him.

And this was from Sheldon and Irene whom I’ve known even longer:

Dear Susie and Steve:Best Wishes on your 40th.What an achievement.What’s this rumour I have been hearing that Susie is being awarded a medal by the Queen?I hope that you two are looking forward to the next 40 as much as Irene and I are to the next 48? (Can you imagine???)Are you getting to see the boys and grandchildren? From what I read, the restrictions in Melbourne are a lot more stringent than here.Once again, congratulations. With love,Irene & Shel

The secret of a happy marriage: marry someone like Susie. On the other hand, as I was relating to friends just yesterday from Woody Allen’s autobiography, he said that his parents were the most badly matched couple in history, like a marriage between Hannah Arendt and Nathan Detroit both of whom I know quite well. In fact, I then sang for all and sundry “Why It’s Good Old Reliable Nathan” which I knew from end to end, to my surprise since once I started I could keep on going through to the end.

On the other hand, I doubt I could quote as extensively from Hannah Arendt, or would want to.

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