Lightweight political commentary at The Oz

I understand that journalists at The Oz, and throughout the Murdoch press, must follow the party line, but really, how unbelievably shallow is this from Paul Kelly: Trump v Biden is a clash of lightweights. You want to see a lightweight in action, read this:

Calling Donald Trump a disrupter is a weasel word euphemism. Trump told 80 million Americans in the opening presidential debate that he would not necessarily accept defeat and urged his supporters to “watch” carefully because he would not tolerate a “fraudulent election”.

This constitutes qualified approval to deny the legitimacy of a Joe Biden victory. It violates the constitutional foundations of American democracy and accountability. This stance is indefensible, but nobody should be surprised.

The risk for Trump is that it casts him as a loser. The breaking news that Trump has tested positive for coronavirus is another wildcard in an unpredictable month for America. Trump winning on a sympathy vote? That won’t happen. But the optics of Trump succumbing to the virus cannot help his re-election campaign.

This week Trump opened a dangerous door that should never be opened. Democracies cannot function without accepted transitions of power. In his January 2017 inaugural speech Trump honoured the “peaceful transfer of power” towards himself — now he casts doubt on whether he accepts the “peaceful transfer of power” away from himself.

The so-called political editor of The Oz seems oblivious to the enormous cheating going on in the American electoral process, visible and reported everywhere. More to the point, there has been a four-year effort made to steal the election from Donald Trump who won a smashing victory in 2016, that the Democrats, with both Hilary and Obama in it up to their necks in attempting to overturn the election outcome, even having gone so far as run an impeachment trial just this year, distracting from the President’s efforts to deal with the Chinese virus just as it was beginning to emerge. Does he not know about the efforts made to spy on Donald Trump during the last election? Has he never heard of Comey and the rest of that crew? And this is what he asks, as oblivious to all of the stunning economic and social improvements the President has achieved:

And it raises an intriguing question: why are Australian conservatives so perpetually forgiving of a President who violates virtually every norm of conservative behaviour?

If you don’t know now, it is clear you never will. What an absolute vacuum of political understanding Kelly is:

Neither Trump nor Biden is a suitable candidate for the presidency. They are third-raters in their contrasting ways. The mindless propaganda from their media champions is numbing in its absurdity. These candidates are a sad commentary on US democracy and the Republican and Democratic parties.

Kelly, of course, carries the toxic idiocies of the modern left and cannot see what conservatives find so frightening about this, for example:

For Australia, Biden’s climate change policy may become a decisive event. Every sign is this will become his cause, tied into a post-coronavirus economic recovery agenda. Biden will return America to the Paris climate accord, pledge to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, champion renewables, reach out to China on climate policy, and put the US oil and gas sector under immense pressure.

For us, of course, that is the kind of para that explains why Donald Trump is seen as the last line of defence against an impending disaster. It’s time The Oz gave Kelly the boot.

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