Have these people never heard of Thalidomide?

These political nongs who run our Parliaments, and who seem never to have run across the concept of personal freedom, have boxed themselves into quite a problem. They have no idea how to call off the Covid dogs. Even with the media exaggerating its dangers, most people are no longer really frightened by it. If we were bringing out the dead on a daily basis, lockdown would happen without a quibble. That the issue is we are not allowed to go away on holidays or in the formerly free state of Victoria, leave home after 8:00 pm is an insanity that exists because without the full force of the law, we would be acting as if there is nothing going on, which is pretty close to the reality. The suppressed news on Sweden and other places is quite a revelation. The media do not report, but have an agenda of their own, and it is virtually all to the hard left. Joe Biden, after all, promised from Day One to enforce the compulsory wearing of masks if he is elected.

Andrew Bolt at least does what he can to keep them honest: Voters pressured to blindly trust blundering governments. There we find:

Take Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

He claimed last week to have signed a deal (actually just a letter of intent) to distribute a new vaccine (actually not proven) to every Australian to protect them from this virus.

Then he took out his big stick. He would force us to take this vaccine — make it “as mandatory as you can possibly make that” — as soon as it passed its trials.

True, by Wednesday afternoon, Morrison realised he sounded awful, and supposedly “back-pedalled” on forcing us: “I mean, we can’t hold someone down and make them take it.”

But by the next day, Health Minister Greg Hunt was suggesting many other ways Morrison could indeed force you to take it. By holding back welfare payments, for instance. Stopping your kids from going to school.

Hunt wouldn’t even rule out stopping you from going on planes or to restaurants if you refused your jab.

Sounds like this alleged vaccine will be “mandatory”, after all.

There is then, of course, this bit of a rider.

The Australian Medical Association’s president warns we “have to acknowledge it is a rushed approval process and even if the phase three trials on this Oxford vaccine go really well, it’s still not absolutely proven that it is safe, not as proven as is normally the case”.

Can I really trust Morrison’s vaccine, when even the manufacturer he’s lined up to produce it, AstraZeneca, says it wants a guarantee it won’t be sued if it goes horribly wrong: “This is a unique situation where we as a company simply cannot take the risk if in … four years the vaccine is showing side-effects.”

But you can take the risk, because it is the only way these political nongs can manufacture a process in which they can call of these devastating lockdowns. And of course, when it comes to proven medications, Andrew ends with this:

Just let them inject you with their vaccine, and try to forget these politicians are meanwhile so blind they even refuse to examine cheap drugs which some experts claim could save lives right now — hydroxychloroquine with zinc, or ivermectin with zinc, or almost any other safe ionophore that can get zinc through the lipid surface of the virus.

The reality is we are not dealing with a policy of every life counts, but a political reality where every vote counts. Daniel Andrews is the worst of them, getting all these Brownie points for saving us from a problem he is largely responsible for. And even then, the death rate per head of population in Australia is something like 0.002%.

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