We’re going to keep you all locked up until you people stop dying

This is from The Herald Sun:

Premier Daniel Andrews said restrictions would be in place until next year if Victorians didn’t adhere to them and case numbers didn’t decrease.

“It won’t be a 6-week strategy, it will be much longer,” he said.

“We will be into 2021 with significant lockdown in place.”

We are dealing with some kind of mental derangement. Daniel Andrews is our version of Captain Queeg. He seems to be taking the continuation of increased number of cases – not deaths in aged-care – but the number of cases as a personal matter. If you people won’t stop dying from this Covid virus, he seems to be saying, then I will keep you in lockdown until it stops.

He is a typical union thug who knows only force. We have now gone well beyond responsible health-care management into a full scale totalitarian mode. The scale of damage being created – and not just economic damage – is beyond comprehension. There must be some kind of reason applied to restore Victoria to an even keel. Seriously, is there no means to stop Andrews from continuing with this madness?

And this has been sent to me today also from overseas where Victoria is being recognised for the madness of the approach that is being taken.

This is about Melbourne written in the US by Jeffrey Tucker: Madness in Melbourne

Melbourne has now become world famous. I wonder if the member of the police shown in the video has ever heard of the Stasi. There is no question that Daniel Andrews knows who they were.

Melbourne is the new East Berlin.

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