Was Andrew Bolt got at?

At the same time as I was writing this yesterday:

Andrews is the most vile premier this state has ever had. We have had incompetence before, also immense waste and hideous policy formation. But if he is really forbidding the use of HCQ on people who will otherwise die, this man is actually evil.

Andrew Bolt was publishing this:

This won’t please many people. But we should thank our political leaders — even Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews — for how they’re fighting like hell to stop this virus.

I asked my friend who had written to me about the HCQ ban in Victoria why they cared so much and he replied:

Lefties acting in sympathy with their US counterparts. If the drug is seen to be working here it would undermine the narrative in the US.

Which now leads to this just now: Tougher NZ-style lockdown looms for Victoria.

After 723 new cases and 13 deaths — including 10 in crisis-hit nursing homes — on the worst day of the pandemic, the national medical expert panel is understood to have considered the need for sweeping new restrictions to further ­reduce movement.

Are we really going to shut down the whole state because old people are dying in our mismanaged age-care homes?

2 thoughts on “Was Andrew Bolt got at?

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  2. The care home debacle is amazing. One of the very clearest things we know about Covid is it is a disease that has the greatest impact on the old and frail. I’m guessing Andrews was far too busy spreading fear and working out how many minutes exercise Victorians would be allowed to do any planning around how to protect the most vulnerable.

    Those deaths will then just be used to justify even more restrictions on everyone else.

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