PDT continues to be the President

This is from President Trump Impromptu Remarks Departing The White House – Video and Transcript…. As it says, “On his way to Texas, President Trump stopped for a brief press conference with the media prior to departure.” Won’t see any of this on our ABC. If you just wish to read what he said and not watch, just go to the link.

And then there is the video below is from Democrats Have SURRENDERED In Portland, Agree To Demands From DHS And Trump, Abandon Antifa Leftists. It seems like the strangest idea for an election campaign to tear down your city centres but then they are the ones who are insane, which they prove more comprehensively every day. How do they get any votes at all? It’s a mystery.

From the link.

Democrats Have SURRENDERED In Portland, Agree To Demands From DHS And Trump, Abandon Antifa Leftists. While Democrats are framing it as a victory this is actually a conditional surrender. Perhaps due to the far leftists making Democrats look bad and helping Trump they have agreed to the demands of the DHS and Trump to bolster local law enforcement and protect federal building. Oregon will deploy State Police to assist Federal law enforcement. If the Feds are convinced that the far left has been quelled and antifa violence will stop then they will remove the extra officers deployed. Essentially all demands of the far left have been crushed. Bill Barr warned just the other day that if the far left wasn’t stopped by state officials it would get worse. Then the next day they announce exactly what Barr wanted, state officials will stop the riots in Portland.

I have seen much less of The President in the news lately. I am just wondering if they have discovered that for normal people, the more they see of Donald Trump, the more they like both him and what he does.

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