The corruption is obvious to anyone who is willing to notice what is going on

From Instapundit:

JULIE KELLY: Brookings Institution: A Key Collusion Collaborator: The liberal think tank helped perpetrate one of the biggest frauds in political history on the American people.

These are from the comments:

Who in the Democratic Party wasn’t part of the conspiracy to overthrow a lawfully elected president? Anyone?

When a businessman buys a company, they generally want to keep the staff around because they’re the ones with the experience, institutional knowledge, and social connections to get the job done. The expectation is that the staff will be reasonably loyal to the guy who signs the paycheck. That does not apply in politics, quite the opposite. I daresay Trump knows better now, but the damage is done.

Also, as a complete outsider to politics inside the Beltway, Trump did not have his own binders full of names as replacements for many of the positions he was entitled to fill. He also didn’t have people who owed him favors. In the end, he had little choice but to go forward with many holdovers from the Obama administration and plans to gradually replace them as time and opportunity permitted. Unfortunately, he got sidetracked by the Russia Russia hoax and never had the luxury of building an administration in his own image the way his predecessors did. We voters who picked Trump BECAUSE he was an outsider could not have anticipated how difficult it would be. Who among us on January 21, 2017, expected a Special Counsel investigation that would run 3 years and was designed to hobble his presidency or an impeachment?

For the first two years of Trump’s presidency the Republicans controlled the House and Senate. They could have shut down Mueller anytime they wanted, and investigated what was already known about the spying by the Obama administration (and we know so much more now). They could have done that but they did not. Mitch McConnell has prevented Trump from appointing anyone who might actually look into what has been going on, and Ol’ Mitch can only do that with the support of the Republican Senators. They are in this up to their necks too, that’s why nothing has happened. If Trump does nothing else, he has revealed how complicit the Republicans have been in this whole squalid mess.

The irony is all Democrats had to do was wait Trump out, then they could return to ending the Constitution with no one willing to stop them. But they just couldn’t wait and decided to start burning down the country instead.

Do you suppose Trump picked Barr? Do you know how it works? The AG has to be approved by the Senate. That means Ol’ Mitch McConnell decides who gets in. Why do you think Ol’ Mitch hasn’t put the Senate into recess during Trump’s presidency? The absolute last thing Ol’ Mitch is going to allow is for Trump to appoint someone who will actually start investigating what they have all been up to.

I think the American people have had a very great many frauds laid upon them. They ain’t seen nothing yet.

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