It’s either a wage-based economy or slavery

It must be one or the other. There is no third way.

There are only two ways you can get other people to work for you.

You either hire people and pay them a wage.

Or someone owns their labour and commands them to do what they do.

The first form is called the market system. The second is referred to as slavery although in the modern world there are various forms of disguise. But if things need to be donem you must have one or the other.

It is only where we have a market economy that freedom is even possible. The loons of the left wish to replace the market economy with socialism, which for all practical purposes means a return to a slave-based economy.

Every socialist economy must ultimately resort to some form of forced labour with fake versions of market economy. Socialist economies are those in which workers are allocated to the jobs they do in a society with a virtual absence of personal freedom. There are also no private employers so that everyone works for the government. And since there is no private enterprise, all production is decided by the government. And since there is no market economy for the purchase and sale of anything, all production decisions are made by central planners. And since there is no price system, no one can work out which is the least wasteful form of production.

So not only does socialism mean a return to poverty at levels not seen for hundreds of years, it also means all forms of work are forms of slave labour.

It is inevitable and cannot be avoided.

3 thoughts on “It’s either a wage-based economy or slavery

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  2. I thought we already had slavery via the Federal Reserve System, but it’s simply way less bad than the alternative you describe.

  3. And Marxists forget most people want to work for a wage rather than risk a lot by start their own business because there is much less stress, when you clock off u don’t worry about whether the business makes money this week, don’t lose all ur life’s savings if bankrupt etc etc
    I talk from experience. Started 2 businesses. It is so much easier having a job with much less stress.

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