Launched America

You needn’t watch it all, but it is captivating. The launch itself comes at 4:20 – that is, at 4 hours and twenty minutes in. Even as a replay it is tension packed. I am, alas, old enough to remember all of the launch failures from the 1960s where rockets blew up on the launch pad.

You should also watch the President’s speech which starts at 6:16 (ie six hours and 16 minutes). He spends the first ten minutes on looters and riots, which was a crucial preface to the rest of it. His words were perfect. Then for the rest of his time, he discusses America and what the space program represents. “A nation of pioneers…. Our finest days are just beginning.”

You can find some of the back story here: `Back in the game’: SpaceX ship blasts off with 2 astronauts.

I am also old enough to remember President Kennedy, who took the American space program to the moon. He was also as strong an-anti-communist as you will ever find (his brother Robert worked for Senator Joe McCarthy). And John F. Kennedy sought to bind the races in one America. He also saw American that prosperity is founded on private sector growth. All of these values remain among the core beliefs of President Trump.

2 thoughts on “Launched America

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  2. It is kind of sad. The launch was good. It was a step in the right direction. Newer technology, newer companies involved, advanced timelines. But only a few million tuned in, everyone else was watching cities burn. (or they were out burning them).

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