Daniel Andrews is an economic fool

For sheer hypocritical moronic stupidity, it’s hard to beat this from Mr Lockdown Victoria about his putting the state into hock to the Chinese:

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has defended the state’s relationship with China, saying any cooling of the partnership would cost jobs.

He cannot see what’s wrong with China because they are doing just what he would do himself if he could. The people of Victoria have with blind faith in miracles, put the state’s economy into the hands of the person least capable of directing us towards growth and prosperity. The last line of the story is pure enchantment:

Mr Andrews travelled to China to sign a second BRI deal in October last year, agreeing on areas of co-operation including increasing the involvement of Chinese companies in Victoria’s $107bn infrastructure program.

Infrastructure spending – such as the tunnel and the train – literally means public spending on loss-making projects. Economic ignorance comes at a very high price and we are going to pay it. The Federal Government, if for no other reason than to protect itself never mind Australia’s future, must prevent this communist jerk from ruining the economy.

The kinds of forecasts we are dealing with seem similar to this: Australia’s coronavirus response avoided about 14,000 deaths, Chief Medical Officer says. That is the story from just today!

2 thoughts on “Daniel Andrews is an economic fool

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  2. I moved from NZ to Aussie earlier this year and very happy to have made that change. Just a shame I’m in Victoria!

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