They are laughing at you

The more I look at the Joe Biden story the more it is clear that our elites laugh at every one of their supporters as the dimwits they take them for. I am not even sure in which order we should look at things, but let’s start with Tara Reade before all evidence for the prosecution disappears.

Let’s just ignore Bill Clinton. Here the left decides to go all moral about male sexuality so they invent the #MeToo movement which was mainly about a number of actresses who seemed to have fallen onto the casting couch and now wish to seek some kind of retribution. It reached its peak during the nomination process for someone this accusation applies to less than possibly any other male I have ever seen in public life. With Brett Kavanaugh we reached the stage where someone could be accused of some kind of impropriety based on an obvious fantasy that was never ever corroborated in even a single element, and indeed there is no evidence that he had ever even met the woman in question. Yet everyone on the left lined up and counted themselves scandalised and shocked at these revelations.

On the other hand, there is now this story about Joe Biden and Tara Reade (who? – why have you seen her name in the paper?). Well there is this kind of news, for example, Timeline shows media, Dems’ different approach to Tara Reade accusation after Kavanaugh free-for-all. I cannot see a different approach myself. If it helps the Democrats, then they’re in. If it helps the Republicans, then they are out. No inconsistency there. Meantime, their supporters turn themselves into pretzels trying to show how different the situations are, while the Democrats and the media laugh at all of these idiot supporters of theirs who end up looking like the jerks they are in trying to evade the obvious. Joe Biden may really be a sexual predator. If that is an issue that matters in selecting a president – and Bill Clinton showed it isn’t – then why can Democrat supporters be counted on to refuse to look at the evidence?

Then there is this business about how important it is for a political leader to be honest and trustworthy, and certainly not use their political position for personal advantage for themselves or their children or anyone else. Joe Biden, on the other hand, has a son appropriately named Hunter. This is what you can find over at Google: The life of Hunter Biden: How Joe Biden’s middle child landed in Trump’s impeachment inquiry and a paternity scandal of his own. Hunter was kicked out of the Marines after a month or so for cocaine possession – do Biden’s supporters know that? – and ended up making an amazing amount of money working for a Ukrainian company knowing neither anything about the business nor Ukrainian. This is what you read at that the link written by some Democrat flunky who seeks to cover everything up:

Hunter Biden, the former vice president’s middle child, is at the centre of a controversy that is being stirred by President Donald Trump’s administration over a possible conflict of interest involving a business he was involved in and the Ukrainian government.

Come on, you stupid Democrat voter. Open wide while the Democrat establishment and its captive media hold you by the nose and make you swallow it whole.

In regard to the Ukraine one might go here: Biden’s Nepotism and Hypocrisy in Ukraine. Apparently they were paying him something like $50,000 a month.

Western consultants, lawyers and investment bankers were hired by Burisma, not for their expertise on Ukraine or the gas sector—which none of them had—but to camouflage its corrupt origins and provide it with a glossier look. In other words, to launder its tattered image. As author Oliver Bullough asked in The Guardian: “Hunter Biden is an undistinguished corporate lawyer, with no previous Ukraine experience. Why would a Ukrainian tycoon hire him?”

You know why. Everyone knows why. The real question is why doesn’t anyone who votes for parties of the left care? Why can the Democrats count on their supporters to ignore this corruption entirely? And then, of course, Hunter also made a pile working in China. This for example is what we now find out about Hunter in China as portrayed by one of the usual Democrat shills.

  • President Donald Trump this week suggested that Hunter Biden had used his position as then-Vice President Joe Biden’s son to secure a $US1.5 billion deal with the Chinese state bank for a Chinese private equity company where he is a board member.
  • There is no evidence to this claim.
  • The $US1.5 billion appears to refer to a sum that BHR, the private equity firm, was trying to raise in 2014 to invest outside China, according to The Wall Street Journal.
  • But Biden’s lawyer said Biden has never profited from his work at BHR.
  • Here’s what we know about Hunter Biden’s business dealings in China.

No evidence to this claim! So swallow it whole once again, you captive morons, and defend Biden with all you are worth (which is hardly anything at all) as these people swindle their way across the world while laughing at the fools who nevertheless continue to support them.

But perhaps it’s Joe Biden’s deep intellect, policy agenda and sweeping command of facts and events that makes him so attractive.

OK, so he’s out of it, nine-tenths senile, but so what you say. It’s the Democrats in power that will provide the value in making Biden president. All this will be done in his name while he just signs the papers put in front of him. Well there’s this, of course: Biden: Let’s Fix The Economy By Repeating Obama’s Stimulus Fiasco. Worked so well the first time, even while Biden was the VP. Why not do in again?

There’s all that and more. But the point is not that Biden is a cypher, which he is, or that he is a thief and a liar, which is well known, or that the media will cover up, which they will, but that the people who will nevertheless vote for him are being made into fools and accomplices. Why do they put up with it, is the question.

We should stop arguing with the media who are merely left-wing shills. We know they will lie in every instance to protect the party of the left. The focus should no longer be on the media but on those who vote for “progressives” who steal, lie and rob at every opportunity they have. This is what needs to be asked. Why do you vote for them? What is in it for you? What have the parties of the left ever accomplished that has made you even the slightest bit better off? Other than providing a few freebie crumbs while they make your life a mess why would anyone with common sense vote for these people?

When you are with your lefty friends, make them explain why they vote the way they do. Don’t argue, just listen (I know, it’s hard). Then you can also have a laugh at their expense, in the same way that those who run campaigns for the left do themselves when dealing with the people who support them.

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