Boring beyond inanity

Since no one seems to have mentioned it anywhere else, I can see just how uninterested anyone is in Malcolm Turnbull’s memoire which is discussed in The Oz today, exclusively: Inside Malcolm’s big-picture world of gossip and axe-grinding. This lack of interest is a clear sign of how lack-lustre he himself was, how incompetently he dealt with the events he oversaw and how dull his reflections on his time in office are. This is beyond tedious, and I only raise it here so that we are aware that the book will be available Monday. It’s the only reason I can think of to be pleased that many bookshops are now shut.

Malcolm Turnbull has sensationally claimed that Scott Morrison and the Coalition he once led didn’t deserve to win the 2019 election and delivered highly personal accounts of his relationship with the current Prime Minister and scathing assessments of his former cabinet colleagues.

In his highly anticipated memoir, due to be released on Monday, Mr Turnbull recounts his own version of events that led to his dismissal as prime minister in August 2018, while revealing the darkest days of a political career that was marked by a bout of severe ­depression.

In claims that will be hotly disputed by those he attacks, Mr Turnbull says that colleagues of Mr Morrison, including the Prime Minister’s now closest confidants Mathias Cormann and Peter Dutton, had once described Mr Morrison as a “Machiavellian plotter” who could not be trusted.

According to those who have read the manuscripts, Mr Turnbull describes Mr Dutton as a “narcissist” and “self-delusional” in his belief that he could become prime minister while revealing his personal anguish at what he believes was the ultimate betrayal at the hands of his finance minister, Senator Cormann.

If these are the highlights, cannot picture anyone actually making it through the book.

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