Hey SloMo, what’s the plan from here?

Received this quite astute comment about where we are to go from here.

I think the ‘endgame’ will become an interesting political maelstrom. I can’t see how there is any choice but for governments to finally concede to take the calculated (cost vs lives) approach to open back up.

Try to eradicate? No way

Wait for a Vaccine? long way away and may not work

Wait for Herd immunity? long way off (think need 80%+) and who knows if that will work

Keep flattening forever? doesn’t make sense

Open up and then find the same exponential curve? can we take such a crazy risk (and how is it different to the risk we haven’t allowed ourselves to take to now)

Eventually I think it will just have to get back to normal and people will accept the risk that there’s a new strand of flu and just get on with it. Now how do the politicians enable that from the position we are in now?

Yes, indeed. How does the government begin to ease the restrictions and under what circumstances? Are they even giving us the rudiments of an exit strategy? Nothing so far, so why don’t they get on with it and let us know what’s in their minds and what the end game will look like?

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