Was there to see it myself and it does seem a long long time ago


The Maple Leafs are now rightly seen as the worst sport franchise in North America. But a wonderful team in their glory days, although the Canadiens were always the team to beat.

Here is the video from the series. Only six teams in the NHL, no helmets on the players but Terry Sawchuk was wearing a mask but Johnny Bower wasn’t. Once saw Terry Sawchuk up close after a game when he played for Detroit and was on the subway heading for Union Station and I am my friend sat opposite him. I never saw a face so cut up in my life with hundreds of stitches. Could have played Frankenstein’s monster. By the time he took to wearing the mask it was much much too late. But the games were amazing and the hockey is fantastic. Alas, although I remember every player by name, I cannot remember the series other than the cheering at the game when we had won although I could not have told you until now who we were playing.

And this is the double overtime game 3 which I also don’t remember. I cannot understand how that is even possible, but so it seems. Also in Toronto so I would have been there. I and a friend bought standing room tickets for every game where we stood behind the seats up in “the Greys”.

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