Has this been a viral media pandemic?

Here’s a question worth asking: Is The Media Ignoring Good News On Coronavirus?

There has been some tantalizingly good news about the coronavirus in the past few days, not that you’d know it from the end-of-the-world treatment it gets in the press.

Of the 10 countries with the most COVID-19 cases, six showed declines in new reported cases over the past few days, including the United States. In France, the number has been flat for three days.

In South Korea, the number of new cases has stabilized at around 100 a day.

Meanwhile, data collected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that – when measured by date of onset rather than the day officially reported — the number of new COVID-19 cases peaked on March 9 at 194, then dropped to 172 on March 10. It was 174 on March 11. It plunged to 122 on March 12, although the CDC cautions that there may be people whose onsets haven’t been reported yet. In any case, all this was before the most draconian restrictions were put in place.

It’s far too early to draw any conclusions, but it certainly doesn’t look like an out-of-control plague, as commonly depicted by the press.

Meanwhile, two studies have come out showing that fatality rates form the disease are far lower than earlier warnings – which prompted those restrictions – claimed.

There will be quite a day of reckoning if the media turn out to be even bigger liars than anyone had previously thought.

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