Advice on how to pass the time

While we are home maintaining our social distances, there is advice being given on how to occupy yourself in a more cultured sort of way. There is, firstly, this: You Can Now Tour 2,500 World-Famous Museums From the Comfort of Your Own Sofa. Since even if we could leave the house we are unlikely to fly anywhere for a bit, this might help to fill in for not actually being able to climb the Acropolis.

There is then this: Jordan Peterson’s list of Great Books. Starts with Stendahl’s Charterhouse of Parma. The list reminds me of one of the truly great books I have read: How to Talk About Books You Haven’t Read. It divides books into those you have not read, books you have perused, and finally books you have forgotten. The Charterhouse of Parma is in that third category for me, as is Le Rouge et le Noir. I saw a copy of The Carpetbaggers for $2 the other day which is definitely a book I have forgotten. Picked it up and opened just somewhere and while I knew who the characters were, the specific part of the story had utterly evaporated.

Reminds me of a joke my blesséd mother told me many years ago.

How do you keep an Englishman happy in his old age?

Tell him jokes when he’s young.

I hope I don’t get reported to the HRC.

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