You cannot forecast the American election result

I supported DJT all the way in 2016 but never said that he would certainly win and was never sure he would until he did. I support PDT all the way again but do not say he will with certainly win. Forecasting that he will win and then bragging when he does about your acuity means nothing. In fact, I don’t know why there is any kind of certainty anywhere. For someone like me, every Democrat is poison. But to find nothing worth voting for on the other side is not proof that a Democrat won’t win. Complacency killed Hillary last time. I hope it doesn’t affect Trump this time. It certainly won’t affect the Democrats who will cheat in every way possible, will spend as many billions as they can get their hands on, will go full court press through the media, and use every possibility fate may throw their way, as they are doing with the Coronavirus.

On one side we have Conrad Black: The Necessary (Temporary) Democratic Party Suicide which begins:

The “Gong Show” of a Democratic presidential primary debate Tuesday night just made it clear how desperately this intellectually bankrupt rag-tag team of harpies and hustlers truly is. They are the heirs of the Clinton-Obama place men who mismanaged America, corrupted the Justice Department and the intelligence services, and created such a scarcity of serious candidates for the presidency.

On the other side we have this: This Is Not McGovern’s America: Crazy Bernie Can Win It All.

Sanders, like Trump in 2016, has his finger firmly on the faint pulse of a segment affected by something else that has happened since McGovern-era America. Oren Cass, an analyst now starting a new think tank, asserts that family necessities a typical 1985 male worker could cover working 30 weeks now require 53 weeks. Meanwhile, the president boasted in his State of the Union address that women are benefiting from nearly 60% of new jobs – which has made them a majority of the workforce. Even in the Trump economy, buffeted by high health costs, crippled by debt, and eclipsed in the job market, the “Bernie Bros” may well be falling further behind. Even as millennials in general remain “Generation Screwed.”

It’s not your father’s Democratic Party, or McGovern’s America. What once seemed impossible for a candidate like Bernie Sanders – winning – may just happen.

Not to mentions this from Instapundit.

THE PRESS AND DEMOCRATIC POLS ARE CERTAINLY DOING THEIR BEST TO MAKE IT SO: Coronavirus could cost Trump the election, Goldman Sachs warns. Won’t work for them, though, unless Trump lets it.

Such a joke to say that it “won’t work for them” unless Trump does something or other, that something or other unspecified. New York, New Jersey, California plus many others on the east and west coasts guaranteed to go to the Democrat, whoever the candidate might end up being, Bernie included. It is touch and go.

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