Who will do it if the National Organization of Women doesn’t?

Liberty Quote
So far as Feminism seeks to adjust the legal position of woman to that of man, so far as it seeks to offer her legal and economic freedom to develop and act in accordance with her inclinations, desires, and economic circumstancesso far it is nothing more than a branch of the great liberal movement, which advocates peaceful and free evolution.
— Ludwig von Mises

Appropriately, this was the Liberty Quote as I came to write. And sorry to be trolling through this again, but this has just come up: A War Over Sex Work is Raging Inside The Nation’s Biggest Feminist Group.

Because of this storied history, when NOW takes a stance on an issue, women around the country listen. This year, the group mounted a nationwide campaign against what it called ”sex trafficking and exploitation.” The campaign aimed to “end the demand” for sex work by criminalizing pimps and johns (or in NOW speak, “purchasers of sex acts” and those who benefit financially from the sale of other people for sex.”) A key component of the campaign was opposing the D.C. decriminalization bill.

The D.C. chapter, however, was not on board. After seeing Van Pelt’s testimony in October, the board fired off a letter to the national organization, blasting the president’s “misleading and dehumanizing language,” and the “breach of autonomy and assertion that this language represents DC NOW’s views.”

“Going forward, we ask that that National NOW modify their language to reflect the terms currently accepted and used in the sex worker community and by progressive organizations that show respect for all women and their choices,” they wrote in the letter, first reported by Gay City News.

In Washington everyone sells themselves to the highest bidder, but jokes aside, legalising prostitution seems a sell-out in any attempt to protect and promote women. Other than we patriarchal men, who will do it if the National Organization of Women doesn’t?

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