And with the soft porn they showed a game of football

UPDATE:Jennifer Lopez reaches for the stars during halftime at Monday’s Super Bowl. Picture: USA Today

This is the story and the actual headline with the above picture in the paper today: It’s Super showtime as girl power raises the roof. This is Girl Power meets #MeToo.

And for just a bit of additional politics of the left to add to the mix, there was this:

The most political moment came towards the end for a nation wrestling with difficult questions over immigration and race. Children appeared in illuminated cages as Lopez and her daughter, Emme, sang Born in the USA. As she sang, Lopez was wearing an American flag that she reversed to show the colours of Puerto Rico.

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Once a year I watch a professional football game from the US. Poisoned for me, as for many others, by the kneeling during the American national anthem by people who have more freedom and wealth than 99.9% of the world’s population and commenced by someone who had been the quarterback for San Francisco, one of the two teams playing today. It was a remarkable game, and as is typical with more variety than you will find in any other sporting event I know, since the possibilities for the unusual and unexpected exists in North American football (reminder: the game was invented in Canada) in ways that are truly unique. The game today was no different. And like cricket, unless you grow  up with it, you might never catch on to its fascination.

Let me however look at the halftime show a bit more closely. Most of the time, I was doing my sudoku while it was on. Soft porn. This is from Drudge so you can see I am not alone in seeing things this way:

J-Lo Rubs Crotch, Dances on Stripper Pole...

However, right in the middle there was suddenly found a cross, just as you might find it outside some Christian Church which made me sit right up and take notice. But then I realised what I was actually looking at.

The symbol of the Roman goddess Venus is commonly used to represent the female sex. It also stands for the planet Venus and is the alchemical symbol for copper.

The half-time show, amazingly enough, was about girl power. American politics on the left cannot get more absurd.

As for the game, you can watch the replay below. And in watching, it may help you to remember that the team in white is from Nancy Pelosi’s home district in California, not that anyone should mix politics with sport.

AND I JUST CAME ACROSS THIS: My exact sentiments.

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